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A Long Way from Chicago
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Reader reviewed by Eddie Mapes

            Every summer, main characters Joey and Mary Alice go to Grandma Dowdels house. Pretty normal, right? Wrong. Grandma Dowdel is no ordinary grandma. She uses her ultimate wits, skills, and quick thinking to defend her turf while making herself look good. Brace yourself for a ton of humor, mischief, and suspense!

            I personally enjoyed this book, because of the unsettling plot points and humor. In a debate, I would argue that this book is a quality piece of literature, but a little too much slang and old grammar uses.

            I would recommend this book for those who love humor, mischief, and suspense, being used in the early 1900s. Also, make sure you can understand old time grammar uses and sudden turns of the plot.

A Long Way from Chicago

Richard Peck

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