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Girls Acting Catty
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Reader reviewed by Rita Lorraine Hubbard, The Original H.I.R. (Historical Investigative Reporter)

Don't you just hate it when you're caught in the middle? That's exactly how Annabelle feels about being caught in the middle of sixth-grade girls acting too catty for words, in author Leslie Margolis hilarious book, Girls Acting Catty.

Annabelle's group is small, run-of-the-mill and mostly forgettable, but they're her friends, and she's happy with them. Happy, that is, until uber-popular Taylor, from a group known as Taylor and the Terrible T's, sets out to make Annabelle's group miserable.

Taylor is cruel and intense and loves to shine the spotlight on other people's physical flaws, like when she insinuates that Annabelle's friend Rachel should wear a paper bag over her head to hide her pimples. Annabelle can't believe how cruel Taylor is, and wants nothing to do with her...until Taylor takes a sudden liking to her, that is.

Taylor begins talking to Annabelle, and although Rachel and her other friends don't like it, Annabelle doesn't see a problem. Even when Rachelle reminds her of all the mean and sneaky things Taylor has done, Annabelle doesn't listen. She falls right into Taylor's trap, and doesn't figure out that Taylor is just using her until she loses her own friends and Taylor's fickled group in the process.

Girls Acting Catty is a wonderful book. Margolis uses skill, humor and sensitivity to handle peer pressure, bullying, first bra's, put-down's, and even hopeless crushes in this delightful sequel to her 2008 Bloomsbury title, Boys are Dogs. And yes, Annabelle has a crush. Only it's not a crush on any of the boys in her own class. It's on her future-stepbrother, 20-year old college hunk Jason, of all people!

Whatever you do, you can't miss this coming-of-age book that is both sensitive and laugh-out-loud funny.

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