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Stuck in a Cave
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Leepike Ridge is a book about a boy named Tom and his mom named Elizabeth and toms friend named Reg. Toms mom has a boyfriend named Frank. At the beginning tom and his mom gets a new refrigerator and then they open it tom gets in it and then him and his friend reg go to a place and then toms mom is looking for  tom and she cant find him so then there is something going on and they said that they found 2 boys and then toms mom goes and she thinks that it is tom and it isnt so then they get to a beach area and they find a dog and that dog finds a dead guy floating in the water and then they go a little far from were they stopped. And then they found a kit and looked inside of it and there is some supplies that they need and they take the kit and so then tom goes under the water and then he find something and they both go in there and then reg fills something move and tom tell him not to be a scared cat so then they get to this big hole they found and they get to the top and it was under a bed and toms mom was tided up and then they get out and toms mom is happy he found him. And frank wants to kill reg and he gets the gun and takes it away from frank and shoots him and then the dog attacks a man.                                 

            I liked the book because it was cool it had good action in it would make you feel if you were there.



            I recommend this book to kid that are 9 and over I think that both boys and girls can read it people that like adventures they can read this book.

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