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Leepike Ridge Book Review
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Reader reviewed by Wyatt Morris

Leepike Ridge Book Review

By Wyatt Morris

My book review on leepike ridge by N.D. Wilson. Some of the main charters are Reg; Tom; Nester; Argus: Elisabeth. Tom gets mad because his teacher asks his mom tom marry her and floats down stream and gets sucked under the ridge. Next treasure hunters trespass on Nesters property. Tom tries to find a way out, but Tom and Reg only have crawdads to eat.

I dislike it because its not real life events, I like nonfiction more. I like the book because it was written by N.D. Wilson, and I really like this author.


Finally I recommend this book to boys who are in 5th grade and older. It is a book of courage, adventure, and survival.

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