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The Unfound Treasure
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Reader reviewed by Maddie Hemmerle

The Unfound Treasure


This is a story about an eleven year old boy named Thomas Hammond who lived by Leepike Ridge. Tom and his mother, one night, were having dinner with Toms teacher. But Tom, upset and angry, Toms teacher asked his mother to marry him. Tom went outside and jumped on some foam on the stream and went unconscious. When he woke up, he realized he was in Leepike Ridge. He meets a man named Reg and his dog Argus. They survive on crawdads and discover stuff, they wouldnt think to discover.

I liked the book because it was very interesting. Like the part when Reg told Tom he has been down here for several years. I wonder how a man can even survive so long in a cave. I liked the book because it was very funny. Like the part when Reg fainted and said to Tom, Men dont faint. People afraid of needles faint. Men blackout. That was hilarious! I disliked the book because the end to me was very sad, at the same time happy, but sad. I liked the book because at the end was also strange, it was unexpected, those books I like.

I recommend this book, Leepike Ridge to kids who like strange, creative, funny, astonishing books. Leepike Ridge should be for ages 8 to 108. This is a very good book and I hope youll enjoy Leepike Ridge.

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