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The Leepike Ridge Review
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Book Review of leepike ridge

This story is about a brave little boy who is 11 years-old and his name is Tom. His dad died in a plane crash. They thank. His mom needs a husband to help with Tom, but Tom disappeared. He ends up in a cave and finds two friends, a dog and a man named Reg. There is treasurer hunters who are pretending to look for Tom, but they are really looking for treasure. Tom floats into a cave in the middle of a mountain called LEEPIKR RIDGE. Two men see Tom floating down the river. Tom thought they would get out some day, but Reg Tom thought they would never get out. All Tom and Reg had to eat was coral dads and crazy berry drinks. On top of that Tom cut his head open. I think boys would like this book more. And if you like adventure books and storys with happy endings. Did I Minchin, cave man. This is Cameron Martin 5grade Mrs. Bramletts class and schools location Byrd Elem.

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