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Leepike Ridge Review
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Leepike Ridge
By Emily Wilson

Jeffery, Toms schoolteacher, just asked to marry Toms mother Elizabeth Hammond. Tom just cant handle it so he floats down the creek behind his house on a piece of foam until he falls asleep. When he wakes up he is in a cave with a dead man, and floats down to another cave and finds a man named Reg. By that time Elizabeth has called the police and started to search for Tom and she wants to do it all by herself. Then Tom and Reg decide to try and get out of the cave. Elizabeth is so desperate she loans her house to treasure hunter that are searching for Tom to use as a stakeout. Will Tom ever see Elizabeth again? Will Jeffery marry Elizabeth? Read Leepike Ridge to find out.

This was a terrific book, here are some of the good parts! I liked this book because it took place in the mountains. But I disliked the book because of the Treasure hunters. I also liked the book because there was a big problem. Read the book!

I recommend this book to anyone about 8-80 who likes nature and adventure. It was a terrific book but it had some difficult words in it. READ LEEPIKE RIDGE
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