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Reader reviewed by Jill

This has been my year of introductions to series that have been around, but I hadn't read them.  The first was the Percy Jackson series and now Fablehaven.  For both of them I'm wondering why I hadn't read them before! I really enjoyed Fablehaven.  From the summary you know that Seth and Kendra's grandparents run a sanctuary for magical creatures, but I love how that still unfolds as a mystery. It was fun watching them see what was really surrounding them in their granpa's garden. I felt Kendra's awe when had her eyes opened.  Once they learn the truth the action takes off.  What I really like during the second half of the book is that, in turn, first Seth then Kendra have to show courage and determination.  It's great to see both a boy and a girl in strong rolls.  That also means I can "sell" the book to both my boy and girl students.  Also during this half my annoyance with Seth was gone as he stepped up and showed his strengths. 

This is a great series for all type of readers - reluctant readers will love the action and mystery.  Higher readers will enjoy trying to pull all the pieces together before the characters do.  As the series goes a long I think these two aspects will only become stronger.  It's clear that there is much more going on in the mystical world that what was shown in book one.  A secret society was discussed, so I see them playing a big roll in later books.  I can't wait to see what Kendra and Seth do in return.  Their's is a story I'm excited to follow. 

Final thought: Secrets, action and creatures - Oh my! :)
Best stick-with-you image: The fairies in the garden
Best for ages: 10+
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