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A cinderella story
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Reader reviewed by lalalalalala2

This book was about a girl and a guy falling in love. Just like in cinderella the girl had two step sisters and a step mom. Her dad had died when there was an earthquake. He had tried to save his wife when something happened. Before he had died he would read fairtales to his daughter every night. When he died everything went bad. The girl was now the servent for her step mom and her step sister. She went to the school Princeten. That was her dream school. She also worked at a restaraunt as a waiteress. nkdfjbgjdfhgsdjkgnfhjdgsdg.fguigfgshgiufhgusdfih fughsuighfgh fguhdfghufhgs ughfdkhguuhgf ugfuhgdifuhgios fghudghksdhgijudshfguihuigh ufghiuhgfuo udfhgui ufghj ughdfjkhgiudfh ufhgjkbnsd ufgjkfd uhgfugn ufghdjfgn
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