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Archenemy: My Best of 2010
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Reader reviewed by Kelsey

I'm really sad that I'm finished with The Looking Glass Wars trilogy.
I've immensely enjoyed this series from page one. Even though I loved
the second and third book, the first is still my favorite. In the
conclusion, I liked how Beddor tied everything together with the
oracles, freedom of Imagination, and the Heart Crystal.

reason I'm not giving Archenemy a full five stars is because of a part
of the ending. The deal with King Arch isn't sitting well with me. It
might be because I like series to end happy with absolutely NO loose
ends, otherwise the books don't seem like they're REALLY at an end. King
Arch is still alive...I'm not sure why Beddor wrote it like that. When I
end a book or a series of books, the bad characters should be
definitely, certainly, unquestionably DEAD. (Either that or severely
punished.) Maybe because he was meaning King Arch to be a real person
who's alive today? Read the paragraph and see if it doesn't remind you
of someone famous (or infamous):

"...a man who had once been a conquering king - at present one
of Earth's anonymous multitudes but who, with his outsized ambition, his
skills of manipulation and self-promotion, would one day be as
recognizable to millions of Americans as he was to Alyss Hart."

don't know about you, but I have a specific person in mind. I'd really
like to ask Beddor about that paragraph and what he intended by writing
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