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Reader reviewed by Dave

If you have ever read Dave Pelzer's "A Child Called It", the story of Charlie will seem very familiar.  Charlie's has never really been allowed to play with other children and when his family moved to their new home, he found himself being assigned to punishment in the basement for various small transgressions.  Left in a state of semi-starvation in the cold, dark recesses of the basement, he finds himself sneaking upstairs for warmth and nutrition.  When he accidentally locks himself out of the house while going to the bathroom, he wanders around aimlessly until he passes out.

As he recovers in a local hospital, we learn how little Charlie knows of the outside world.  Eventually placed in foster care, the reader is left to wonder whether or not he'll adjust and possibly, whether or not his father will find him and return him to the terrible world he has just escaped.

Not for the faint of heart or for those who have a hard time imagining the tortured life Charlie leads.  It will, however, give the average reader a glimpse into the the terrors that face too many victims in our society. 
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