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Can I just slap every single character in the face? Including the editor?
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Reader reviewed by Jordana

OK first I would like to address some grammatical errors, such as forgetting periods at the end of a sentence and using the wrong verb tenses in one or two cases.

Second,  I just want to slap Massie's little face off.  She is such a snobby, stuck-up b*tch!  And all the other girls (who would have been alright) just follow Massie around like little DOGS just doing whatever she says.....if Massie says it's cool, it's cool, and if Massie says it's not cool, it's soooooooo out.  Like Claire, who's out faster than you can say "Not a G.L.U."

Claire was the best character, but I think she should have gotten back at Massie via public humiliation.  Not JUST the sly, sneaky stuff, but maybe pour red paint on HER white jeans.
And being nice to Massie in the end?  Bull c r a p.
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