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The big dip                                                   orca book publisher, 2009,            By Melanie Jackson                                  ISBN 9781554691791  price$9.95


Joe is about to start a journey the he will never forget. Joe, he is a brave young 14 year old boy, with his friend skip they sneaked to a ride called the big dip. In the middle of the ride, Joe heard a popping sound. At first he thought it was a soda popping sound. In the end of the ride everybody has got off the seat, except for an old man. He still sitting there after Joe tells him that the ride is over. Joe thought he got a heart attack. But then Joe got a heart attack because the guy was shot!  The old man mutters with his dying breath something about getting a Margaret Rose to the police. Joe leaves the crime scene to get on with his life. But someone out there is looking for the Margaret rose for the Margaret Rose and thinks Joe has it. He was attacking Joe and asks him about Margaret rose. Joe thought of the old man. Joe use his brain, he threw a piece of paper from his wallet. He let Joe go and run then he run quickly to see the paper, but the paper is just an instruction when Joe mom is away. Then Joe went home and goes to his room to call the police, after he called the police Joe went down his living room and the door was wide open. Ellie is kidnapped! Ellie is Joe little sister, and he was mean to Ellie before she kidnapped but now Joe know that Ellie is very important to him.

            Will Joe be able to save Ellie? And solve the mystery of Margaret rose. Read the big dip to find out. I guaranteed you that when you started to read the first two chapters, you wont be able to put it down. The pace of this book is just right for new reader.


            Dat Ly

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