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life in harlem i guess
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Reader reviewed by peacechik

this book was really interesting because, the boys in here seemed so innocent...too innocent to be in a gang. this book showed how even young people lik myself are caught up in bad situations.

this boy is a "troublemaker" in school and he never turns his homework in. he has a problem with this bully as well as the fact his brother is in jail and he and his family are trying to get an appeal for him. The main character(i cant think of his name) gets a message from his brother in jail that he wants him to lead the gang he was leader of. Jamal(i remember his name now) isnt sure what to do but decides to do what his brother says and with his best friend, tito, goes meets with one of his brother's friends who gives him a gun. the rest of the story really deals with jamal's guilt about having a gun in the 1st place and him threatening people with it including his bully. the book ends slightly tragically but if u want to know more u better read the book. :)
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