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Kids Fiction 4006
The Book of Lies, Betrayal, and Deceit
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Reader reviewed by Flareblood

How does it feel like to wake up one morning knowing nothing about your life?  Marcel, a boy has his memory wiped by a wizard name Lord Alwyn.  He is claimed to be an orphan by the name of Robert and is forced to live with other orphans until he meets a strange girl who tells him Robert is not his real name but Marcel.  Soon he discovers the book of lies.  Whenever someone speaks a lie the book records the lie.  When Lord Alwyn finds out Marcel found out his real name, Marcel refuses to tell Alwyn who told him the name.  Lord Alwyn sets a limit on Marcel.  If Marcel leaves the boundaries of the house, a beast will hunt him down and bring him back.  One day two strangers appear and claim Marcel is a prince.  They describe two other orphans, Nicola and Fergus, and claim that they too are a prince and princess.  As Marcel disobeys Lord Alwyn and sets out on a journey, the orphans soon discover who they really are.

            The book of lies is a fantastic and breathtaking book that will be impossible to put down.  Readers can really picture the moments.  Events unfold when you least expect them, and everything will fold out incredibly at the end.  The book of lies is filled with betrayal, hope and courage.  It has an amazing, twisting plot that will absorb the reader on the first page.  Readers will ask for more, and thats a guarantee.

            The book of lies is a true masterpiece with every moment timed just right.  The book will grasp the readers attention no matter what age.  I recommend it to anyone who likes magic or a consistent story pace.
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