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Zesty Suspense
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Reader reviewed by Abdi S.

  Zesty Suspense

  By: Abdi S.



Have you ever wondered why kids are so meddling?

This is a book about four orphaned children that search a magical universe.

The children discover that there was a magical portal leading into a different universe lying inside their wardrobe. Edward, Peter, Susan, and Lucie (The Children), and Aslan (The King) embark on a remarkable adventure through the world attempting to defeat the wretched white witch on her plot to freeze all over Narnia, and take over the land.


This novel is a true page turner, once you start it you cant put it down.

I personally recommend this book/motion picture to teens, and up. This novel is also suitable for both genders. One of the reasons I loved this book was because the characters are so easy to relate to, for example: Lucie a young girl that follows her siblings around everywhere, and is very friendly with strangers, another easy to relate to character is Edward. Edward is a stubborn teenage boy that always seems to get him, and his siblings into the stickiest situations, Edward also irritates his siblings until they reach the boiling point. Towards the end of the book all the children become more mature.

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