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the shadow kid
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Reader reviewed by brandon bates

The shadow kid.

Among the Hidden is about Luke was a third kid. He had to hide and he did not go to school like hes brothers. Luke couldnt  go outside but he did go outside wane their was trees but the government bight the trees and third them down. Luke had seen a shadow kid. She was in the sports familys house. Luke sneaked out side and went to the sports familys house he was running out to the sports familys house. He was their and the shadow kid articled Luke. Her name was Jan. Jen was talking about the rally Luke did not go. Jen was messing. Luke looked for Jen.  He couldnt find Jen.  Jens dad told Luke that Jen died because the government shot all the shadow kids.  Lukes mom and dad give Luke a fake I.D.  Luke went to a school.               

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