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                       AMONG THE HIDDEN

        Have you ever heard of the population law? Well if you havent you should read Among the Hidden. Its about a forbidden third child named Luke Garner. He is not allowed to exist under the population law. He meets another third child named Jen Tabolet .Jen is a strong and brave child who believes the only way to live is free.

        Three reason I like this book are because, it was exciting. The most exciting and thrilling thing was when Luke risked everything to go to Jens house. Second liked it because it has happy and sad parts for example, Luke has to sit on the end of the covered stair way because there afraid some one would someone would see him.

Thirdly I like it because it has a very moving part like this. Luke Im tired of living in the shadows I want to be free.


        Lastly I would recommend this book to anyone who has a thrilling time reading an adventures book filled with friendship, and strong moments.



                                                       J. Jordan McCarthy

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