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Kids Fiction 1895
Just Right!
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Reader reviewed by Julie M. Prince

Everyone has a favorite outfit, right? The one that fits perfectly and is comfy and becoming.

Some kids love playing dress-up, but for "every day wear," most have preferences and know that certain outfits just don'!

Some clothes are just too scratchy, too stripey, or too baggy! Or, just TOO PURPLEY!

This book will strike a chord with parents and kids alike, as outfit after outfit gets tossed aside while our adorable protagonist searches for the one that's "just right!"

The center of the book has the eyes hopping as stripes pop off the page to match the "TOO STRIPEY" text. Every page will engage young readers and they'll be crying out for the whole book to be re-read so they can shout out the lines along with this little fashionista.

A first time picture book for both author and illustrator, Bloomsbury shows that it knows its business by matching up two pros waiting for a "just right" debut.

Parents should be prepared for calls of "encore" at bedtime with this one!

Off to turn another page....
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