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Kids Fiction 1776
A Timeless Tale for Generations to Come
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Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Crachit, Tiny Tim....all characters that people young and old have come to love over their lifetimes.  Of all the times that you've encountered these familar holiday friends, how many were within the pages of the novel?  Movies are great and entertaining, but a book allows the imagination to create the movie within our minds eye.  Such is the case with this charming classic.  The overall message is to treat others as well or better than you would want to be treated for our time on this earth is short.  (kind of creepy for a holiday classic, huh?) In the hopes of turning Scrooge's wretched ways around, his departed partner Marley appears to him, delivering a message of hope.  A visit from three spirits entails leaving Scrooge a changed man to say the least.  Set forth on a journey of hope and watch as the wages of greed are transformed by the deeds of love.  Happy reading for one and all! 
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