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Reader reviewed by Crimin

Holes Id seen the movie, watched it a countless number of times, but never really cared about the book enough to buy it.  That was until a few days ago, when I was at a Used bookstore and found a copy, priced a cheap $2.80 (or .60, I cant really remember) and purchased it.

I didnt read it off the bat, still weary of the whole Book-to-Movie transition.  Did the book mirror the movie I loved so much, or did Hollywood distort it like a funhouse mirror? Tentatively, I peeled back the front cover and read.

And thank goodness I did!!

Now, the book is different from the movie, but not by much and the book even goes into greater detail that the movie just couldnt in its hour-and-thirty-minute running time.  I loved the book just as much as the movie, if not more.

So, if youre a fan of the movie, I suggest you pick it up.  Havent even heard of it before?  Well, its a simple tale about a boy set in the wrong place and the wrong time and how he eventually realizes his family isnt cursed and blah, blah, blah. . .Trust me, its amazing, pitiful synopsis or not!

Go on then!  Pick it up! Youll totally dig it!

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