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An Eerie New World for Dystopia Fans
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Reader reviewed by Misty

City of Ember is about a colony of people who live in the year 241.
Their small city is on the verge of disaster: supplies are running out
and they may be loding power. If the lights go out they will be plunged
into absolute darkness and be unable to survive. Lina and Doon, two 12
year olds recently placed in jobs (Lina as a Messenger, Doon in the
Pipeworks) set about rescuing the city of Ember.

I got sucked into this book much quicker than I thought I was going
to, and even though some things were predictable, and some of the
"messages" were a bit too heavy-handed for me, all in all it was really
entertaining and a great book for the age group. The tension remains pretty taut through out the story, and even where the story becomes predictable, it is still told well.  There are a few others
in the series (The People of Sparks is #2), which City of Ember has me
eager to read.  I am very curious to know how the characters' story is continued, and how they continue to confront their new understanding of their world.

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