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Reader reviewed by moonymaster

Hmm.. This book was weird. I have to say that I was ridiculously excited for this book to come out. I absolutely loved the Harry Potter series and loved the writing style of J.K. Rowling so I thought this book would be just as amazing. Well, to me it kinda felt like a sell out book. As if J.K. Rowling felt obligated to write something else and this is what she came up with. As I kept reading the book it made me feel more ridiculous that I was reading a book that I'm guessing was meant for 5 year olds. And that is why I gave it three stars. Because although I disliked this book enough for it to earn 1 star I realized that I wasn't exactly in the target age group. The stories were nice but completely unfulfilling and when I finished the book I was so disappointed that there wasn't some clue or hint of something having to do with the deathly hallows. This book made me miss the Harry Potter Series all the more and I don't recommend for anyone over the age of 10.

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