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Meet Meg! You Just Have To!
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Reader reviewed by GRgenius

"Just Meg" is powerful story of the evil which "man" is capable of, the lengths to which some go to disguise it, and the glimmer of hope that lies in us all.  It's cast of characters include both the meek and outgoing...and then there is Meg, our silent narrator.  Together the girls work to discover just why each has landed in Gunya, the "premiere" psychiatric facility for the hidden away rich and famous; the truths of their stories will shock and awe as each is revealed. 

"Just Meg"....the title is stated so simply, as if a bashful soul is counting itself among the living, yet the message at its heart screams forth a declaration of "I AM HERE". There is no "just" about Kate Russell's truly reaches out to the reader, taking you into the darkest corners of mankind and shining the light of truth. All of the characters are welcoming, interesting, and memorable, but Meg stands out as a voice to be counted, to be remembered. I would highly recommend this book to young and old alike.
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