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Love to Live or Live to Love?
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A great book from a new author, Gillian Shields steps right into the Young Adult Fiction genre as if she has been there for years.  "Immortal' tells the story of Evie Johnson.  Her arrival at the Wyldecliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies was due to unfortunate circumstances, but none the less appreciated by her family.  Unwelcome at the school by most students and faculty as seen in their various actions as she is taking the place of Laura, a student that recently is lonely at this new place.  The strange rules (no jewelry?) and regulations are constantly landing her in trouble.  Evie, seeking refuge from the world, meets one Sebastian James while out on the moors.  He is handsome, mysterious, and claims to have eyes only for her....then why will he only meet her at night?  ...and why is she suddenly having fainting spells and strange visions of a girl that looks earily like herself?  Something is not quite right, if she could only put her finger on it....before it's too late!

Highly recommended to one and all....don't let the Young Adult classification deter you if you are older than this particular group....there have been some really fantastic books from this group as of late and this is one more to add to the list.

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