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Have faith in Abby
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Reader reviewed by mearley

Abby was
expelled from her public school so her parents enroll her in the local
Catholic school. Feeling misunderstood and invisible to her parents,
Abby finds a way to rebel by choosing drama instead of an academic
elective, and by investigating what it takes to become a Catholic.
Abby's family has never been religious, and at first meeting with the
priest and attending conversion classes is just Abby's way of getting
back at her parents. Eventually, however, Abby starts to feel genuinely
at home at church and, although she still doesn't understand everything
about Catholicism, finds she is there more for her own benefit than to
annoy her parents.

Leap of Faith is difficult to classify. It falls somewhere
between intermediate and YA fiction, and it is a mainstream fiction
book that unapologetically examines, even encourages, faith and belief.
I think high school students would be turned off because the
protagonist is only in 6th grade; however, some middle school students
might be intimidated by the deeper ideas that come with questioning
religious ideas.

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