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The Sight is incredible
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Reader reviewed by selina c.

If you're a warriors fan, then this book and the rest of the series are perfect to continue reading.  As a fan myself, i became enthralled with the newest section of the warriors series; Power Of Three, Book 1 The Sight.  From their blood line, it didn't suprise me when Squirrelflight's first litter of kits, Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit went off on an adventure before even being apprenticed.  Fox hunting is dangerous, but they managed well enough.  The prophecy of the three kits draws more depth into the story, and the winding paths "The Sight" takes made it hard to wait for Dark River.  Personally, I was enticed by the artwork too, but mostly the way Erin Hunter captures every moment in the story with such detail.  Everything is a mystery in the newest series, and i enjoyed reading through to unravel it.  Each wait for a new book to come out from Erin Hunter is always worth it, and makes reading her new releases even more exciting!
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