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Reader reviewed by Sue Bell

What a great-fun-fantastic fast read! Olny 96 pages long, but a very stong book non the less! This story is about a boy who lost his father to a bull riding mishap, but he loves the sport more then anything.  Even though his mother refuses to let him ride, bull riding rest in his bones and he wont give it up.  Bull riding is not somthing im normally intrested in, and I would not have picked up the book if it werent for the fact I wanted somthing quick to read. but I'm super glad I did.  Great story, and great diolouge with a touch of some life or death action.  What a fun sport to read about and chacters you can really belive and love ... 

In spite of his father's death at the National Finals six years earlier, Layne is determined to become an award-winning bull rider. His mother is adamant that he not ride, so the 16-year-old must practice in secret at a friend's family arena. When a rogue bull, Rhino, nearly finishes him off, Jana's grandfather agrees to train Layne. A convenient wedding gets his mom out of the way so that the teen can ride in the local rodeo, predictably, on Rhino. He survives, his mom loves him anyway, and he gets a nice kiss from Jana.
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May 14, 2018
could you tell the theme plzzzzz
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