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An otherworldly adventure!
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Reader reviewed by Alyssa Feller, POD Princess & Graphic Novel Guru

Twelve-year-old Simons life could hardly be described as interesting.  In fact about the only thing out of the ordinary that happens to him on a daily basis is when he gets beat up by the school bullies.  But all of that changes when a girl named Tonya appears out of thin air.


It isnt only Tonyas appearance that seems out of the ordinary.  Her clothes, her speech, and her colorful hair are all out of this world.  Literally.  It turns out Tonya is from Paraworld 4329, a parallel universe.  Shes even part lizard, though she doesnt like to talk about that.  Tonya has been stranded on Earth after a transport gone wrong, but Simon manages to help her out, bringing himself along in the process. 


Simon has a lot to learn about traveling in the Paraverse, and about using magic like Tonya.  But the pair ends up on a world named Pudd, theres no magic to use.  Its a up Simon and his new friends to figure out a way off of the planet.  Meanwhile, a mysterious dark force is building strength, and Simon may be the key to saving all of the parallel worlds.  Simons still stuck on Pudd, and time is running out.  Whats a poor Earth kid to do? 


Peterson has definitely put a lot on imagination into this work.  Despite a writing style that can seem a little awkward at times, readers will find themselves drawn into the rollicking adventures of Simon and his friends.  Plus, a few unanswered questions are sure to have them begging for a sequel. 


Recommended for ages 10 and up. 

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