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Reader reviewed by Kyra

What ever happens after "Happily Ever After"? Is being a princess all its cracked up to be?

In this book, Ella, the main character, dances one night with the man of her dreams. He then takes her backt o his palace, and they get engaged. Happily Ever After? Not quite.Being a princess is really droll, and Ella only gets a limited period of time witht the prince, and someone is always listening in. Even worse, Ella is falling in love with someone else at the palace, and that could be a grave error. What will she do? 

I liked this book, staring at the front cover for 5 mintues. Its was a nice fallow-up to Cinderella's story. It shows Cinderella's stronger side and it makes you cheer everytime she accomplishes something that isn't princess like, making her break the bias against pretty, frail princesses. I would recommend this book to 10-14 year olds (approx. 4th-9th graders)
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