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Kids Fiction 2015
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In this clever play on optical illusions, two unseen kids debate exactly what it is they're looking at:

"Hey, look! A duck!"

"That's not a duck. That's a rabbit!"

The illustrations, in Tom Lichtenheld's signature bold hand, could truly go either way . . .which just adds to the fun as the debaters continue to discuss if the duck/rabbit has ears or a bill, if it's about to eat bread or a carrot, and what kind of sounds it's making (a quack? Or sniffy rabbit sounds?) On and on the animal descriptions go, until the creature vanishes, whereupon the debaters waffle a bit . . .but are soon distracted by an anteater. Or, is it a brachiosaurus?

DUCK! RABBIT! will not only make for play-filled story times, but may actually change a few perspectives . . .

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