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Reader reviewed by Billy Burgess

In this third installment, Matt Daniels is being tormented by his neighbor, Bradley. He wants to dress just like him and follow him wherever he goes. He even copies Matts answers to the science test.

Bradley buys a plastic egg that contained monster blood and leaves it at Matts house. Matt accidentally spills a few drops on his ivory plant. The next morning the plant had tripled in size.

His little sister, Livvy, puts a few drops of monster blood into Bradleys cereal. She confesses to Matt and he starts to worry what might happen to Bradley. He is shocked when he finds out that the cereal bowls were switched. He ate the monster blood!

During his swim meet, he starts to grow just like his ivory plant. How will he stop growing?

The second story picks up in Horrorland from the previous book. Britney and Molly are still missing. Matt, Billy and Sheena (who is now invisible) are being chased by two MP Horrors. They want the mysterious key card that was given to Billy.

The kids hide from the Horrors in the Dr. Twisteds Science Lab. Billy opens a jar and released the monster blood.

The first story is a little predictable but at the same time its still enjoyable. Once again the second story is only 30 pages and ends in a cliffhanger. I think the mini-stories in each book are very clever. This keeps you wanting more Goosebumps!

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