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Reader reviewed by Billy Burgess

In The Curse of Camp Cold Lake, Sarah Maas is spending her summer vacation at a water sports camp. One of the rules of the camp is that you cant swim without a swimming buddy. This is difficult for Sarah because she is having a hard time making new friends. A ghost named Della suddenly appears at the camp and she wants to be Sarahs buddy&.forever.

Harry and his brother, Alex, are spending the rest of their summer vacation at Camp Spirit Moon in Ghost Camp. Shortly after they arrive, the camp counselor tells a ghost story. Harry and Alex start to believe that the story is true. Is everyone at the camp a ghost?

The campers of Campy Nighrmoon are mysteriously disappearing. Why do they have to write letters daily to their parents? What are the creatures in the woods? Whats in the Forbidden Bunk? These are just some of the questions Billy and his friends are trying to answer in Welcome to Camp Nightmare.

Three of R.L. Stines scariest stories are now together in one hardback edition for a reasonable price. This is a great book for your kids to take on sleepovers, camping trips and vacations.

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