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Reader reviewed by Kris

The Clique by Lisi Harrison was a really good read. As many people would agree, just think Gossip Girl for younger readers (Id probably recommend it for 11-15 year olds). Personally, though, I almost liked The Clique just as much as Gossip Girl and the A-List. It has the same sharpness to it, just less sophisticated and without any trashiness (not to say theres a lot in Gossip Girl, but, well, its NY for you). At first it seemed a little surreal that these seventh grade girls could act so grown up, but the backstabbing and catfights were completely realistic. Each character was really well developed and I could imagine any one of them (or all of them together) at my school. To be honest, though, they wouldnt exactly be people Id like to be friends with. Then again, being on their bad side probably would not be so great. Of the four girls in the clique, Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen, I think Kristen would be the one Id chose to be friends with. Maybe its just because we share a name, but her personality was most like mine, too, and I didnt think she was quite as cruel as the others. Youll have to sympathize for Claire since Im pretty sure all of us have once tried to make friends with someone who didnt exactly want to be friends with you back. The thing is all of this and more is true to school. The fact that this book could easily be true makes it even more intriguing. I cant wait to find out whats happening next with Massie, Dylan, Alicia, Kristen, and Claire.
Reprinted here with author's permission.
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