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Book 3 does not disappoint!
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Reader reviewed by Chantele

This is book 3 in the Percy Jackson series. Percy, Thalia, the daughter
of Zeus, and Grover are stunned to learn that Annabeth has been taken
by Kronos' followers. They team up with Zoe Nightshade, and Bianca Di
Angelo (Immortal Hunters) on a quest to find Annabeth, and the Goddess
Artemis who has also been taken prisoner.
Bianca and Nico are
brand new characters, and half blood's who have no idea who their Godly
parent is. It is interesting how it all turns out. Percy is involved
with a major prophecy as well. A child of the "big three" will either
destroy or save Olympus when they turn 16. It could be Percy, Thalia,
or someone else they don't know about yet.
There are so many twists
and turns in this book, that I could not put it down! It is my favorite
in the series so far. I loved the new characters, especially Zoe, and
it was so interesting to read about all of the new monsters and Gods,
and Goddess's they meet along their journey. (I love Apollo!)
Another awesome book in this wonderful series! I am pretty sure it is getting up there with Harry Potter!;)

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