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This book has two parts with two people telling them, the first one is about when five year old Arthur was sent to Australia after the war, and the difficulties he would face, the people he would meet, as well as trying to find his long lost sister Kitty. The second part is about his daughter Ally and her journey across the sea to find her dads sister.
     I really enjoyed reading Alone on a wide wide sea, because it was really well written and if I didnt know I would of thought that it was a true life story. In the first part I felt like I was part of the book and I was nearly trying to tell the characters what to do!
         I liked the fact that it was set in a different country, I think he set the scene very well. Even thought I had never actually seen them I had a really clear picture in my head of what the places and people looked like. I sort of knew that the story was based on what used to happen and I could really imagine what it was like to be a five-year-old boy who had just been sent to Australia, having lost his sister and not knowing where she was. I felt like I was watching Arthur growing up.
     There where lots of sad bits in the book and it was a very moving story, but I dont think the book would have worked without them. Also the sad bits werent predictable; they just sort of popped out and surprised you. I think that when you cant predict what is going to happen next, or the books makes you predict something that isnt whats really going to happen, its good, because you want to read on to find out.
      I really liked the way Michael Morpurgo goes across the generations. From Arthurs childhood to Allys. You can really see how times change.
    At the beginning of the second half it has Ally talking, even though you dont know quite whats going on you know that Allys talking after her journey, and I think it is quite reassuring to know that she survived her voyage across the ocean. I was just relieved. I liked reading about her journey, I felt as if I was travelling with her. I was really convinced that the albatross was Allys father. I liked it when part of her story was just emails because it is a really interesting way to tell a story and it means you are getting a personal perspective from the person through emails to her close family and friends. Also some of the emails where short, which I liked because it has lots of information and feeling in a short piece of writing-it didnt drag on.
        Overall it was a really good book in all aspects and I think it is a book that adults and children would enjoy.

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