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So so - a bit tiring
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Reader reviewed by Dede

I really enjoyed the first part of this book, but after that it got repetitive and drawn out.  The BFG is a big friendly giant who kidnaps orphan Sophie when she sees him late one night.  The BFG takes her to his cave and teaches her that he is friendly and collects good dreams to blow into little children's bedrooms at night.  He catches these dreams with a net and stores them in glass jars.  (He catches bad dreams too, and stores them but never uses them)  He talks backwards alot - instead or saying right or wrong he says right or left and his words are jumbled wrong most of the time.  This is cute at the beginning but gets old fast.  There are nine other giants who eat children every night (therefore younger children should not have this read to them) in various different countries.  Sophie is so astonished and feels so bad for the children being eaten that her and the BFG come up with a plan to get the queens help.  The book ends much like a fairytale.  It's too bad the end took to long to come for me. 
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