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Abby Lorenzo was kicked out of a public middle school for stabbing the principals son in the arm, but no one would listen to her explain about why she did it. Abby has to make a choice. She can either be home schooled or go to a private school. To her parents, the decision is pretty clear: she is going to St. Catherines, a Catholic private school. Abbys parents doesnt want her to become any more religious than need be, they just dont want her to get in trouble any more. While she is there, she meets some friendly people who teach her the Catholic faith, and Abby decides to become a Catholic because maybe it will make her parents angry and she will get more attention. Trying to believe with all of her might, Abby, unexpectedly, takes a giant leap in faith.

Even though some of the religious facts brought up in Leap of Faith were not explained correctly, it was still a nice book. I really liked Abby and her personality. Author Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, by the looks of it, tried very hard to send the right message through this book. Not totally unsuccessful, the book still gave the wrong message. Its through Gods grace and mercy that we have been saved, not by our own works or ways. Forgiveness was a big part in this book. The way it was explained wasnt completely true but Abby took it the way I would have wanted her to. I wouldnt recommend this book, for it puts the wrong ideas into peoples heads. But if you know that what you are reading isnt true, go ahead and read it, just for the storys sake, not the lessons.
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