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Ling was comfortable with her life until the Revolution hit. Her parents were both doctors, her neighbor gave her gifts, and she had friends. But when Comrade Li moved in to her apartment, her life was never the same. As time goes by, she witnesses the consequences of Communism: the ones she loves are being taken away, her friends desert her, there isn't enough food, and she's bullied at school. But despite the hardship, Ling manages to grow- and rebel.


This book was extremely interesting. I don't know much about Communist China, so I was eager to read this one and educate myself. But just because it was educational doesn't mean that it was boring and horrid- like school textbooks. It was a really good book. The events going on were so vividly described and easy to picture- it only made the book more heartbreaking than it already was. The events going on were horrible and Ling stayed strong and herself throughout them all, making her one of the strongest characters I've read about in a while. Sure she cried when her father was taken, and when her friend deserts her, but she still kept it together and tried to do whatever she could to survive. This book's got it all: strong main characters, good minor characters, a sad but exciting plot, and a pretty bad government. Definitely recommended.
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