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The book Long Way from Chicago was a very interesting novel that had many different elements that took place. Some of the events were more significant that others such as the time grandma lied to get a dead corpses wake to be hosted at her house an many others. The main three points of the book are that of the grandmas feelings and her lying and cheating, how Mary Alice and Joey feels about that, and how the towns people feel about grandma.
Grandma lies several times during this novel such as when she thought that the Cowgill brothers were blowing up her mail box. She caught a rat and when she knew they would sneak into her house. Then she showed the milk with the rat into the Cowgill dairy farm milk and showed it to the father of them. While lying she said that they did it on purpose. She cheats by telling others that she is to busy to do things when she really is. Also she cheats others out of money all of the time.
Mary Alice feels upset and she doesnt like the way that her Grandma does things. She also is turning into her Grandma as she gets older; she lies a bit and also tries to connive her way out of the situations. Mary Alice likes to listen to Grandma but she doesnt like the way she does every thing.
Joey feels the same way mostly but some of the situations. The most passionate thing he feels is about getting very close to breaking the law; like when his Grandma stole the boat and went to look out for the trap she had put in the water several years earlier. They both think mainly the same about grandma & shes as loony as they come.
The towns people feel very elite about Grandma. Many feel that she really is just off her rocker and is so super crazy. Many people think she is just loosing her mind. There are many different opinions on Grandma, but if you want a true honest opinion youre going to have to read it your self.
I feel that the book was very well written and it told the story is a very acknowledgeable one that should be admired by many people. I feel as though this book will be around for a very long time and will be acknowledged by many generations to come.
The book Long Way from Chicago is a very interesting novel for those many reasons.
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