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Thirteen: A Little Young
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"Thirteen" by Lauren Myracle is one book of a series. It is one installment in the series about Winny, her cooky family, and friends. Finally Winny is a teenager but, just when things should be going great, they get unexpectedly complicated. Her friends are going in opposite directions, her boyfriend, Lars, is fabulous, some of the time, and her mother is pregnant. So much is changing, its almost too much for Winny to bear. But, she manages, with the help of her friends, a breakup and a get-together, and a new sister. There sure are a lot of changes in the air.

In my opinion, this book is intersting but a little juvenile. I came into this series without reading the prior books; however, that didn't seem to affect the reading experience. Overall, the characters seemed too different. For example, Dinah is not maturing and Cinnamon is. Yes, this is supposed to be one of the main points of the book, but, I have never met a 13 year-old as immature as Dinah. They all need to grow up a little more before boyfriends are introduced into the mix. The home situation for Winny makes it interesting. The unexpected pregnancy of her mother is a very relatable situation, making the book even more relatable. In considering the entire book, I would say that, though it was not a total waste of time to read, it did seem a different from my normal reading and not in a good way. The ages just didn't fit the characters and the plot was slow. I suppose it would be better for someone between the ages of 10 and 12--I guess I'm just too old.
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