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Odd Thomas does indeed live up to his name. He sees dead people. As if that wasn't peculiar enough, he also has psychic magnetism - he can sometimes find people by thinking about their faces. However, he prefers to maintain a low-key profile as a fry cook; therefore, few people - one of those people including his girlfriend, Stormy - know about his abilities. He puts his intuitive psychic gifts to good use; he doesn't just keep the dead company, he also helps them obtain justice. In this way, he is somewhat of a superhero to the dead. Therefore, when he encounters the ghost of a murdered boy, he is determined to find the killer before someone else becomes a victim. This case becomes even more complicated when it involves Stormy's friend Sherry and her sinister, anonymous stalker.

After hearing a plethora of good things about Dean Koontz, I decided that I wanted to read something by him. Imagine my surprise when this turned out to be a graphic novel. Despite the limitations of manga-style books, I found myself enjoying it all the same. Odd's character and charisma really shone through. I love Odd's chemistry with the other characters - he's humble, reliable, and easily likeable. The dialogue was simple and didn't require too much thinking, but it was a pleasant read, even if it was slightly predictable. Although the subject matters - lingering spirits, murders, and creepy stalkers - are dark, this was a light read, as many graphic novels are.
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