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A story on survival
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Reader reviewed by Allire

In this book Brian was on his way to see his father. His parents recently were divorced, so he was riding in a single person plane to see his dad.. However, soon the plane goes down and crashes in the thick mountains. In this book Brian has to survive using simple tools and his already attained knowledge.

I really thought that this book was boring. There were a few good parts, like when he was remembering seeing his mother kissing another man, that wasn't his father. And when he was trying to fish, but remembered that light deflects, so the fish wasn't actually where it appeared to be in the water. Other than that, I really didn't like it. We read this book as a class in sixth grade. About half of the class liked it, while the other class did not. I think that it really just depends on what types of books the reader would like. I generally like few survival books. However, if someone else liked survival books a lot, then I think that they would like this book better than I did.

Reading the book wasn't a complete waste for me. As I have said, there were a few interesting parts. And I liked how Brian didn't just have it easy. It wasn't like he crashed in the mountains, fished, hunted and lived peacefully. Instead he struggled, just like anyone else would do if they were stranded. Just because I didn't like it, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't like it.
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