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Reader reviewed by Rachael B. (Mrs. Siorek's class)

This book was about a girl named Annemarie and all the courage and bravery she had! I could never be as brave as her. I feel bad for the Jews in this story because they were treated really bad. I am glad I was not alive in that time because I would be so scared and frightend. I think that all of the German soldiers wre out of wack to kill inisent people like Lise. I think Elen had a lot of courage because she new she was in danger but did not let it show that she was scared. I was suprised how Lise died and sad how she died too. When Peter got killed I felt really bad because he was part of the family. I really want to know when or will Ellen will come back to Denmark. This book needs a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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