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Reader reviewed by Dede

I read this book when I was younger and then re-read it to my kids as a bonding activity. I was just as struck by this book and the emotions the second time I read it. It's the story of Jess, who has a rather ordinary life. He wants to be the fastest runner at school, and he almost is, but the new girl in school, a misfit with "gasp" no TV in her house, and great parents beats him. He automatically doesn't like her for this reason, but they do become friends. They make-believe this magical place called Terebithia, and go there together alot. They formed a strong bond and even go up against the school bully and win, but it's a bittersweet win, and they learn something about the bully that makes them see her differently. The story is written so that younger kids feel the bond they create, the happiness, the quirkiness and what each one of them brings into their relationship that makes it so good. It is an incredible book and I recommend it.
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