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Reader reviewed by DjDangerluver

I love this book. It has great ideas that come together to show off the creativness of the main characters. Alicia and Massie get into a huge wanna be cat fight with Alicia trying to show Massie up. Massie trying to get a friend back then being completely mean. From Claire and Cam to the 2 other girls kori and Strawberry. The other two main girls never get that much time in the book at all which I think is a mistake I think Kristen is really important to the story along with Dylan. Their secrets were told in this book and I feel that Massie was really nice about it even though people think that she is this really mean person. Though the crushes in this book are wierd I think hopefully that Lisi Harrison will show why they were the ones picked. As for now I love this book.

-so long A Joe Jonas Lover
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