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Cinderella: the sequel!
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Reader reviewed by Abi

This is such a fun book! Ella has gotten everything she could possibly hope for! She finally fid of her evil step family, shes won Prince Charmings Heart, and she's living in the lap of luxury as Princess in the castle just days before the wedding! But all is not as it seems; This new lavish life shes accquired is a little too comfortable, she can't do anything! Ella soon finds that even her Prince Charming is just a pretty face with no personality to speak of! Ella's brave (somtimes petulant) spirit will not cow tow to this new life of restriction and propiety, but will her actions be too brash?

I found this book very entertaining. Sort of, the truth behind the fairy tale. It's a story of adventure, romance, finding who you are.
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