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Reader reviewed by EshInoBi

This is by far my favourite books in this series. Torak is torn from Raven Clan and feels he cannot trust anyone. It is revealed that he bears the mark of the soul eaters, and he is given a while to try to escape, but then after that, everyone who sees him, has to kill him, or risk-get-execution. Torak becomes savage and doesn't recognize anything. He even starts to not be able to understand Wolf, his wolf friend that he's been friends-his guide- ever since Torak's father died. Torak runs far, avoiding others trying to kill him. One person swore to his father to kill him, and Torak doesn't know what he's become when he ignores him dying. Renn heals him, and he realizes that if he had told Renn earlier, they could have cut out the mark, but it wasn't the season anymore. I felt really bad for Torak at this part. Healed by Renn, they arrive at a cave while Renn is out. Seshru, Renn's mother, tries to kill them, including Renn. In the end, Finn-Kedin adopts him, saying that killing Torak will not do anything to help their issue with the soul eaters.

I love this book, and I fell in love with Torak's life! I couldn't believe that anyone could be cast out for just bearing a mark, I found that cruel, for it wasn't his fault! You'll enjoy this book as I did, everyone!
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