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Juniper Berries
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Reader reviewed by EshInoBi

Torak is at home with Raven Clan, where he met Renn. Wolf stayed at the mountain. Tokoroth, children who are beaten to obey their captors until they can no longer remember the feel of their mother's hands, usually about 8-9 years olds, are what Torak suspects was causing the illness. Torak travels to the shore where he meats Seal Clan, and Tenris, and sometime in the book he gets caught in the net and reaalizes he is looking at himself. Tenris claims to have the cure. When Torak returns with the ingredients for the cure, Tenris (the Healer of the Seal Clan) realizes Torak is a Spirit Walker (that's why he saw himself through a seal's eyes earlier in the book) and wants eat Torak's heartfor power. Torak leaps into the sea from the high cliff where Tenris is preparing his ceremony. Torak realizes that the juniper berries were causing the illness. They return this messgae to Raven Clan, and all the other clans get the message. Torak discovers Tenris was one of seven Soul Eaters, like his father who died in the first book, but his father left, and that's why they killed him.

I loved this book! Torak is absoulutely amazing, and I cannot think of how anyone could make a book so, so... amazing! I hope that everyone would read the whole series of The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, because they are ALL really good!
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