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The Bad Beginning
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Reader reviewed by Nicki

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are three wealthy, clever, fortunate children whose parents just died in a tragic fire. The story doesnt stop going down hill from there, in fact it has only just begun. From the night of their parents death to the day they stand at Count Olafs doorstep each and every passing day gets worst. They are forced by Count Olaf to cook, clean, marry, and watch him get close enough to stealing their fortune. Hes evil wretched man who enjoys making them miserable while attempting to steal their fortune. However he very much under estimates their intelligence because Violet Baudelaire would not marry that wretched man if he were the last man on Earth. She knew if she signed the wedding papers with her left hand she would fool him. Then, Count Olaf being the self center bragger he is told everyone in the room the wedding was real, however Violet explains it is not a valid marriage because she signed with her left hand therefore he cant get their fortune. Mean while the police are coming, so Count Olaf and his evil crew run out of the theatre and make a get away. The story ends with the Baudelaire an orphan going back to Mr. Poes house and ready to go to a new home.
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